Is Indian Premier League workable?

 Get ready to go figure-blind. On Wednesday, eight IPL franchises traded cricketers for astronomical sums. MS Dhoni got the highest bid of a whopping $1.5 mn , closely followed by Andrew Symonds for $1.35 mn. The ICC-backed Indian Premier League claims to be the best thing that has happened to cricket. But the big question is, does IPL have a financially sane business model to go with the hype. It will certainly change the way cricket makes money, but it might just kill the sport the way we know it. It would mean a hefty pay-cheque for players, but would lead to player burnout. Money would bring performance pressure, conflicting international schedules. With ICC member-nations already getting apprehensive about players not keeping ‘national’ obligations, is cricket’s remixed version workable? Write in with your views.


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