‘Shahrukh, learn from Aamir’

 Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss has reignited the smoking controversy, once again taking a dig at Shahrukh Khan saying icons who passed off smoking on screens as “artistic liberty” should take a leaf out of Aamir Khan’s book on how to use the artistic tool.

Ramadoss has rubbed many the wrong way and made many a controversial comment but this time he was all praises for none other than veteran actor Aamir Khan for his role in ‘Taaren Zameen Par’ where he plays an art teacher who brings a dyslexic boy out of his shell with the insight from his own experiences as a child.

The Health Minister said, “Look at ‘Taare Zammen Par’ – tha is what creative liberty should do… Creative liberty should be used to improve society and not kill mankind.” It was clearly a compliment to Aamir but an apparent attack on another actor super star, Shahrukh, whom the minister had not so long ago slammed for depicting smoking in his films.

King Khan then took on the Health Minister, defending the light up on screen saying it was their creative liberty of artistes.

“I think there should be a huge amount of creative freedom that should be allowed in cinema and arts and one should not go around and picking on small little things – because that’s just cinema and make believe and that should be allowed, we should not have huge censorship on that,” Khan had said.

If one may recall, recently Ramadoss had even pulled up the actor for smoking in the stands while watching a 20:20 cricket match in Mumbai.

The war of words between the minister – a strong supporter of the anti-tobaco lobby – and an actor who supports creative liberty shows no signs of stubbing out.


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