Aamir Khan makes peace with Big B

A Bollywood cold war ended when Aamir Khan dropped in for a chat with Amitabh Bachchan.The three-month-long standoff between the two was triggered when Aamir was reported to have made some uncharitable remarks about the Big B’s prized film ‘Black’ on a deaf, blind and mute girl.

Confirming the unexpected development, Amitabh told IANS: ‘Yes, Aamir came to meet me. He was shooting next door at Mehboob Studios and dropped in to say hi. As simple as that.’

When asked how their meeting went, the Big B laughed and said: ‘Oh, grow up. It was just a normal thing that we all do when colleagues are shooting together. He has been over to our house, Jalsa, several times. He came home recently to pay his condolences when my mother passed away and again for the chautha. He also came to invite us to see his film ‘Taare Zameen Par’.’

Bachchan and family will now reciprocate Aamir’s peace gesture.

‘I’m waiting for all my family members to be in town so we can see Aamir’s film (‘Taare…). Jaya was attending parliament. Abhishek is in Miami and Ash (Aishwarya Rai) too will be away. Once we’re all together, we’ll watch Aamir’s film.’


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