All is not well between SRK and Ganguly

Kolkata Knight Riders’ skipper Sourav Ganguly reacted after reports said Shah Rukh Khan was allegedly unhappy with the skipper over the composition of the team. ( Watch )

“It’s not true and I have nothing more to say,” said Kolkata skipper Sourav Ganguly.

Earlier, Sourav Ganguly spoke to Times Now and said, “I have seen the reports and I will clarify his stand in the controversy later.” Refusing to comment on the issue and not denying any such reports could hint at a possible rift between the two. However, owner Shah Rukh Khan has not reacted to reports over possible rift between the two.

Has the peace in the Kolkata Knight Riders’ camp been shattered? Are ‘Dada’ Sourav Ganguly and ‘Badshah’ Shah Rukh Khan not getting along with each other anymore? Yes, say insiders. The two power centres in the Kolkata team are not seeing eye to eye on many issues. The problem apparently started with the entertainment tax that Shah Rukh Khan is paying for the matches being played at the Eden Gardens.

The Bollywood star wanted Ganguly to speak to West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and try and get it abolished. The Kolkata captain, who is known to be close to the CM, has refused to oblige, at least till now.

Interestingly, it is learnt that Eden Gardens is the only stadium where an IPL team is paying entertainment tax. That is not all though. The bigger bone of contention is KKR’s sudden dip in form and its poor performance in the last few games, harming their semifinal chances. Shah Rukh, sources say, is not too happy with this change of fortunes although he hasn’t expressed his feelings openly. Ganguly, on the other hand, has not been too pleased with the team composition right from the beginning. The differences surfaced during the auction itself, with Sourav wanting more batsmen while the team management was more keen on bowlers.

The problems magnified when coach John Buchanan was given more powers than the captain himself. To add fuel to the fire, Shah Rukh announced that the coach will take all the decisions for the team next year onwards, upsetting Ganguly in the bargain.

Ganguly has apparently already begun showing his discontent: he preferred to go back home after the last match rather than stay back for a press conference to annouce Knight Riders’ tie-up with a website. Said an insider, who was present at the event, “Shah Rukh did pass some caustic remarks saying, ‘I thank all my teammates for being at the press conference but who can forget Dada who is missing from the event’.”

The duo also had a spat when Khan was keen that his team fielded first in the last game against Chennai; Ganguly, however, preferred to bat first. Eventually, the Knight Riders lost by 3 runs on Duckworth-Lewis following a rain interruption.


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