capable of spewing out a 50-inch image of undisclosed resolution and clarity

PocketCinema V10 projector is really small

Is that a projector in your pocket or are you just semi-pleased to see me?

As we try to fill the pre-six o’ clock void until Jobs and co go all 3G on us, we’ll keep you updated on gadgety news nuggets in one of the quieter days on planet tech as everyone bows to the might of the Apple. But just such a nugget worth gnawing on is the unveiling of the PocketCinema V10 from Aiptek.

Smaller than an, erm, iPhone (sorry, we’re obsessed today), it was first demo’d at Computex last week and sports 3M’s mini projection mastery that’s capable of spewing out a 50-inch image of undisclosed resolution and clarity, which is pretty amazing if you’re on the road and in need of some impromptu cinema-slash-overhead projector presentation action.

On-board support stretches to AVO and MPEG-4 for video, with a three-in-one AV jack for piping in the video and 1GB memory for storing a smattering of photos and footage on the hard drive.

If that’s not enough (and it sure as hell won’t be), Aiptek has seen fit to carve out a multi-format card reader handling SD, MMC and MO Pro cards. A stereo speaker and internal battery fill in the gaps and leave this looking like a potentially great portable moviemaker.

But then there’s Aiptek, which has a reputation for making the cheap and cheerful rather than the expensive and extraordinary, which means it could all be a bit crap. Still it looks nice and doesn’t have an ‘i’ in front of its name, so today we love it.


One Response to “TODAY’s PRODUCT (10-06-2008)…POCKET CINEMA”

  1. I love it. I wonder how much would it cost and how fas t it will be availible on the market.

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