The electric cigarette that gives you a nicotine hit and gets round the smoking ban

Electric cigarette: It provides a nicotine ‘hit’ but gets round the smoking ban………Nicotine is its only ingredient, unlike tobacco alternatives which contain over 4,000 chemicals and tar.The electric cigarette is battery powered, has a glowing red tip and tastes like the real thing.Makers claim it can be used inside pubs and restaurants despite the national smoking ban as it has no flame and does not produce smoke.They also say the cigarette cannot cause lung cancer as it only contains nicotine.The stick, called Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette, uses small cartridges which are filled with the liquid substance.

Stylish: The electric cigarette is appealing to the younger generation..There are three types of cartridge, ‘low’ which contains six milligrams of nicotine, ‘medium’ which has 11mg, and ‘high’ which contains 16mg.A tiny atomizing chamber inside the stick heats up the liquid when the user takes a drag, and within a second reduces it to vapour…The effects kick-in almost instantaneously and provide a nicotine hit without harmful tar and carcinogens. Passive smoking is impossible, making it perfect for indoor use……………The Gamucci is on sale via online gadget company I Want One Of Those for £49.95 which includes two sticks, five ‘high-strength’ cartridges and a mains charger…..But it is only available to people aged 18 or over and is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Rechargeable: The ‘cigarette’ can be used again and again

Tim Booth, founder of I Want One Of Those, said: “The Gamucci can be used by anyone who enjoys having a cigarette with a pint in the pub.

“It doesn’t have a flame and doesn’t produce smoke or harmful chemicals yet still gives people a nicotine hit…The Gamucci contains a small 3.7 volt battery and atomizing chamber where you can plug in a nicotine cartridge..



2 Responses to “The electric cigarette that gives you a nicotine hit and gets round the smoking ban”

  1. nice blog !!! these cigarettes will really help smokers !!!

  2. it great I use mine in the pub and bar areoun town all the time .. people look at me funny and the they relise .. they can say owt!!!! .. keep up the good work

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