CBI: Krishna confessed to involvement in Arushi Murder

Breaking News! In a sensational revelation in the Arushi-Hemraj murder case, the CBI told the Ghaziabad court that Krishna has confessed that he was present at the murder scene and has agreed to help locate the murder weapon and the missing mobile phones. The CBI claimed that they recorded the statement under Section 161 of the CrPC. The court admitted CBI’s plea and sent Krishna to a six-day CBI remand.

According to the CBI, Krishna and Hemraj met at Talwar’s residence on that fateful night of May 15, 2008, when Arushi and Hemraj were murdered. A day before the murder took place, Hemraj reportedly asked Krishna to buy a ‘Khukri’ for him. Krishna admitted of supplying a Khukri to Hemraj on May 14. The CBI also added that Krishna returned home at 2 AM in the murder night. Krishna did not reveal who murdered Arushi, but he admitted that he knew about the murder weapon and will help locate the weapon. While the CBI claims that Krishna has confessed to his involvement in the murder, his lawyer dismissed the CBI claims.

The CBI also recovered some clothes and some other vital things from Dr. Anita Durrani’s servant Rajkumar’s room. The CBI has sent those clothes for forensic test. In addition, it was discovered that at least 23 pictures were deleted from Arushi’s digital camera, but the forensic laboratory in Hyderabad has been able to retrieve those pictures, which may throw some light on this murder mystery.


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