Present situation of world.

In recent years, the global volume of synthetic fiber production has apparently shifted to Asia, and the pattern of synthetic fiber material supply has also changed in association with this change. China particularly has increased its importance in Asia, and demands for synthetic fiber materials in China have been rapidly increasing centering on polyester materials. Many new plants and additions of equipment for synthetic fiber materials targeting such demands have been planned and implemented. On the other hand, major European and American chemical producers who have led the world in producing and supplying synthetic fiber materials up to now (so-called “chemical giants”) tend to be focusing on businesses with higher profitability as they change their management style and business constitutions. Because it has become necessary to deal with environmental problems particularly in Europe, some companies are withdrawing from the production of synthetic fiber materials. In the Middle East, companies are increasingly concentrating on petrochemical business in addition to crude oil supply, and their influence is also increasing in the sector of synthetic fiber materials.


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