Big cats to come back to Sariska today

The government’s ambitious Sariska experiment begins today. It’s an experiment that is aimed at re-introducing the big cats in Sariska.

All tigers in Sariska were poached out of existence three years ago.

Today, the first tiger from Ranthambore is all set to move to his new home in Sariska.

The first tiger from Ranthambore will be moved on Saturday into his new home in Sariska where all tigers were wiped out three years ago. The young male tiger will be tranquilized, put in a special cage and then airlifted in a helicopter.

Forest officials say all preparations for the historic move are now complete.

”Tigers have never been shifted anywhere. Tiger are found in 14 countries we are the first ones to try to relocate tigers. When a new experiment is undertaken, you need to take lots of precautions and we have prepared well for this move.” says P R Sinha, Director, Wildlife Institute, Dehradun.

For effective protection the precious tiger has been equipped with a radio collar that helps to monitor his movements through a satellite tracking system.Officials claim this will ensure that the tiger does not fall prey to poachers.But wildlife experts say Sariska is still porous.People still live in 11 villages in the park’s core area. And there’s still no restriction on the 2 state highways that slice through Sariska.

”It’s not as if they have found an Alladin’s lamp that will make Sariska entirely safe for tigers. The poaching threats still remain in the park. The highways are still running and villages are yet to be evacuated,” says Fateh Singh Rathore, Tiger Expert, Ranthambore.

For the first few weeks the relocated tiger will be kept in a special enclosure to help him get used to the new area. But until the ground reality in Sariska is made fully safe protecting the big cats will remain a tough challenge.


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