JMM, TDP to decide on UPA support today

With the date of the trust vote for the UPA government coming closer, smaller parties are weighing the pros and cons of which way to go.

The Jharkhan Mukti Morcha (JMM) is meeting on Sunday in Ranchi to decide which way its five MPs would vote.

Though JMM is an ally of the UPA, it is still not clear whether it will support the Government or not.

JMM has been unhappy with the Congress leadership, as its chief Shibu Soren, was not included in the Cabinet even after he came clear in a murder case.

It is in this backdrop that party MPs would discuss whether to vote with the UPA or not.

TDP decides

The Telugu Desam will also decide on Sunday, which way the party’s five MPs will vote.

The TDP politburo meet continues on Sunday, to arrive at a decision, though all indications are that they will vote against the N-deal.

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu met CPM’s Prakash Karat and CPI’s A B Bardhan recently though Naidu did not make his stand official.

Meanwhile, the Congress and its allies will be watching the TDP meet keenly.


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