OK Duds…

This question all of from the peopls..wat’s that means. y jarkhand government produce lady guards to protect M.S Dhoni …here no male guards in his state..

u may ask it is totally personal to the Dhoni’s state governemt ..Dhoni is the not famous in the cricket in that situations..becoz he was good skipper ,but no maturity in cricket.no dealing with in the fieldings..if he wins one match ..media response like “he was good  captian in ODI”..other wise “WORTHLESS action”.


u must be think there is no male guards in the jarkhand..produce male..not female..

becos how much femals guards protect dhoni life..female have no stamina compared to males.so male security is suitable to male ..,,iam not point the exactly to Dhoni. This fact in the Governemt ..Dhoni having lots of  womens following, in that situation y government of jarkand produce only female guards to protect Dhoni

it is all of rubbish, and it is also funny thing,,,no need to protect dhoni from attacks..becos he was not very famous in our country ..even Prime minister having no security like this..PM is the more famous than the Dhoni…dhoni is crickter ..so wat??? if we produce security to one person..u may think about other persons in society

YUVI also having the lady fans following..srisanth,irfan patan,zaheer khan,..lots of youngsters in our cricket teams..y only dhoni wants female protect..y jarkad government produced female guards to his security,..??????????


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