271: But Cong worried some MPs may rebel in Lok Sabha

The big news is that so far the Samajwadi Party has managed to retain most of its MPs, so they have 34, add to this six parties with one MP each (Owaisi (AIMIM), Baleswar (NLP), Delkar (BNP), Nakul Rai (SDF), W Wangyuh (NPF), Athawale (RPI-A), plus four Independents, support from 2 National Conference MPs and one TRS rebel (A Narendra) 1, a JD(U) rebel from Nalanda, Ramswaroop 1, BJP rebel Brij Bhushan Sharan 1.

That’s a total: 271

The effective strength of the House is 541 because the Speaker only votes in the case of a tie and one MP has been disqualified.

Hopeful of abstentions

The government may get more relief if MPs from the opposition abstain — the UPA is holding on firmly to that hope. Sources say this includes some BJP MPs from Karnataka and Gujarat, possibly some Sena and Akali MPs as well.

Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamul Congress is reported to also have decided on abstaining.

Opposition close behind
# NDA + UNPA + LEFT + BSP= 268

But it’s a very, very narrow margin and don’t underestimate Mayawati. The NDA alliance, the Left, the UNPA and Mayawati are close behind with the addition of two new allies on Sunday – Ajit Singh and Deve Gowda – so that’s about 268 MPs.

BJP: 128
Shiv Sena: 12
BJD: 11
Akali Dal: 8
JD(U): 7
Left: 59
BSP: 17
TDP: 5
SP rebels: 5
RLD: 3
JD(S): 3
TRS: 2
AGP: 2
HJC (Bishnoi): 1
Independents (Marandi, Nagpal): 2
MNF: 1
That’s a total: 268


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