POLITICS IN INDIA..aspecially in andhra pradesh

AFTER 20 year..wat is the situation is going on in the political view, in the abdhra pradesh nad in the cabinet

1.. RAHUL Gadhi will selected as the PRIME MINISTER TO india.
2.. Sonia Gnadhi selected as president to Italy.
3.. KSR(TRS president) said that”we defenetely took the telangana with is 3 months.
4.. Cine actor chiranjeevi’s MEGA TRAIN is should on the track after 2 months.
5.. India is in top ..according to the debts
6.. the poverty should be less
7.. Growth of the car’s availablity is increases ….
8.. cycles..scootors,,two wheelaer are should be kept in the store room
9..out of 100o peoples ..atleast 5 persons have one luxuries facilities is their society
10.. no food to eat(like rice ..vegitables) every one depends on the nuddles..and western food
11.. Population should be rised


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