trouble for Shah Rukh

Veteran actor Manoj Kumar who felt insulted at being caricatured in last year’s blockbuster Om Shanti Om and not satisfied with an apology from Shah Rukh Khan has now filed a case against the telecast of the film on television.

And that’s not all. There is another lawsuit against the film and this time from a script writer alleging plagiarism.

Manoj Kumar is upset that Shah Rukh Khan has not kept his promise to delete scenes in which he was caricatured.

Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies Entertainment produced the film which was one of last year’s biggest hits.

Joining Manoj Kumar in the battle against Om Shanti Om is scriptwriter Ajay Monga. On Wednesday, Monga also moved the Bombay High Court saying that OSO was partly based on a script he wrote three years ago.

A script he claims is registered with the film writers’ association in 2005.

Monga claims Red Chillies promised to pay him Rs 1.25 crore but later back tracked. Red Chillies was not available for comment.

It seems like a wake up call for Shah Rukh Khan but Monga says this is a wake up call for the entire industry where over the years original work has given way to plagiarism. Something he says which has to stop.


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