Fierce fighting continues in island nation

The Sri Lankan army has destroyed the house of LTTE chief V Prabhakaran at Velvettithurai village in Jaffna district.

According to reports, scores of Lankan army men surrounded the village and brought down the house breaking the doors and windows.
The operation continued for over a couple of hours. However, neither Prabhakaran nor any of his family members were living in the house for quite some time now.

Confirming the news, the Tamil National Federation MP from Jaffna district M J Sivaji Lingam said, ‘at Aladi Velvettithurai village, the Lankan army personnel laid siege to the residence of Prabhakaran on Wednesday afternoon. They marched through the streets of the village before destroying the house.’

‘They damaged the compound wall and removed the doors and windows and carried them with them’, he added.

Though Prabhakaran and his family members were not living in the house for the last several years, the house was being maintained by villagers.

The destruction seems more a symbolice act, more in the lines of establishing the suzerainty of the Lankan forces, the locals said.

Meanwhile, Prabhakaran took part in a memorial service organised to honour the valor of 11 ‘Black Tigers’, who gave up their lives after launching an aerial strike on the military establishments of the Sri Lankan army in Vavuniya, yesterday.

The Lankan military headquarters at Vavuniya reportedly sustained heavy losses following the aerial raid by the ‘Black Tigers’ in which 11 LTTE men were killed.

In retaliation, the Lankan army launched attacks on the LTTE bases in Kilinochi and its adjoining areas. Senior official of the Lankan army said the intelligence unit of the LTTE at Kilinochi was destroyed in the attack. However it was refuted by the LTTE.

At the memorial service organised to pay respects to the ‘Black Tigers’, Prabhakaran took part and paid rich tributes and lauded their sacrifice.
An alarming situation now prevails in the area with frequent fights between the LTTE and the Lankan army.

The latter has been involved in fierce fighting to reclaim the land lost to the LTTE. Bombshells and gun firing has been on the increase.


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