India’s First Lunar Mission “Chandrayaan I” launched successfully

India made history in space science today by joining the elite club of countries that have sent space missions to moon. India’s dream moon mission, Chandrayaan I was lifted off from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota today at 6.22 AM (IST). This is the first time India has sent an unmanned mission to moon. Chandrayaan I was launched on schedule without any glitch. Scientists confirmed that launch of Chandrayaan I was completely successful and it is heading in a right direction.

Not only over a billion people in the country, but also millions across the world witnessed India’s entry into the elite club today. Chandrayaan 1 will take 11 days to reach the moon and it will spend around two years there. People of India rejoiced at the live telecast of India’s first-ever moon mission ‘Chandrayaan I’. Everyone was looking for Chandrayaan live. Scientists at ISRO jumped off their seat after the successful launch of Chandrayaan I. Chandrayaan 1 was put into orbit within 18 minutes of its launch. Chandrayaan launch became a big milestone in Indian history.

he 1,380 kg (1.38 tonne) spacecraft, Chandrayaan 1 was put into orbit by India’s home-grown rocket PSLV-C11. It was PSLV’s 13 success in a row, as it already had launched 12 spacecrafts before the Chandrayaan launch. The Chandrayaan I is shaped like a cuboid or rectangular prism. Chandrayaan I carries 11 payloads – five from India and others from foreign countries. India became the third Asian country after Japan and China and sixth nation in the world to send a unmanned lunar mission to moon. ISRO (Indian Speace Research Organization) has already planned the Chandrayaan 2 mission in 2011.

According to ISRO sources, India is planning a manned space mission in 2014 and a manner moon mission in 2020. Interestingly, China has planned a manned moon mission for 2024. The Chandrayaan -1 mission was built at a budget of $86 million (Rs. 386 cr). President Dr. Pratibha Patil, PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and many other top leaders have congratulated the scientists at ISRO and countrymen on the successful launch of Chandrayaan I. There is no doubt that ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) made the country proud.


2 Responses to “India’s First Lunar Mission “Chandrayaan I” launched successfully”

  1. thnx for details……….WE ARE REALLY PROVED TO BE AN INDIAN…….


  2. wah ji wah. kamaal ker ditti apne mulk ne. regards.

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