Chief Minister inaugurates 600-crore Gundlakamma project in Prakasam district

Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy has asserted that the Congress government faced no anti-incumbency problem and expressed confidence that the people, who witnessed rapid development and benefited from its welfare programmes, would vote it back to power in the ensuing elections.

Inaugurating the Rs. 600-crore Gundlakamma irrigation project that will provide irrigation to 80,000 acres in Prakasam district here on Monday, Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy made a frontal attack against the Telugu Desam Party and Praja Rajyam.

He said that though the State faced drought for most part of the nine-year rule of the TDP, it did not even give a thought to the irrigation projects that would usher in prosperity and breathe life into the rural economy. But the Congress, soon after coming to power, took up 76 projects and completed 12 of them in the last four years to irrigate 18.3 lakh acres of land. Thirteen other projects were partially completed.

Though the TDP made persistent efforts to stall the projects by questioning availability of funds and water and created legal problems too, the Congress government surmounted the hurdles and completed the projects.


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